Caring for students

Our school environment welcomes and respects people from all backgrounds.

Browse this section to find out how we work with you to provide a safe and caring learning environment for your child and also keep informed about support for school families.

Student Welfare is a school and community responsibility where we work together to ensure that the students are confident, motivated and successful in their learning.

This is fostered through:

* provision of suitable programs to meet individual needs.

* encouragement and rewarding of positive behaviour and self responsibility.

* support of the school community in promoting good discipline and effective learning. ( Please view the attached "Tallong Public School Fair Discipline and Effective Learning Policy".

Tallong Public School Positive Behaviour Scheme.

The Tallong Targeting Positive Behaviour Scheme recognises students extra efforts in the classroom and in their playground, on excursions and in school service. Students gain positive Behaviour tickets, commonly referred to as "Blue Tickets" to acknowledge these efforts.

Positive behaviour awards (Dojo Points) accummulate and the following awards can be achieved:

# 25 Dojo Points     Achievement Award

# 50 Dojo Points     Bronze Award

# 100 Dojo Points   Silver Award

# 150 Dojo Points   Gold Award

# 200 Dojo Points    Platinum Award